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Welcome to Tree & Co, suppliers of unique environmentally friendly end grain butcher blocks, cutting boards and other products made from 100% reclaimed tropical hardwood species.

Tree & Co's unique range of earth friendly end grain butcher blocks, chopping boards and butcher block tables for home kitchens, restaurants or hotels come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of even the most demanding chef.  All of the butcher blocks and chopping boards will withstand heavy use and are easy to keep clean and maintain. Tree & Co butcher blocks are made in thicknesses ranging from 1 1/2 inches (38mm) to a massive 6 inches (153mm) of solid end grain hardwood to ensure durability for generations of use. 

Most blocks are fully reversible and come with finger slots for easy handling. Surfaces are treated with Wood Food, a unique beeswax based polish that seals the surface and repels moisture to help prevent bacteria growth and all edges are softened. 

 Tree & Co Butcher Blocks are made from 100% Reclaimed Wood. For quality, appearance and ethical reasons, salvaged timber is the best. It has completely stabilized over many years and is generally of much higher quality and density compared to new wood harvested from fast growing plantation forestry.

Compared side by side you will be able to tell the difference immediately -  the quality and density of the tropical hardwood used for Tree & Co end grain butcher blocks and cutting boards is superb. Learn more on why we call our products Rain Forest Friendly…..

Full End Grain. All Tree & Co butcher blocks and cutting boards are made from end grain construction - this method is more durable and lasts much longer than edge grain boards. Experts agree that knives will stay sharp a lot longer as they cut into the grain of the wood rather than across the grain. This preserves both the block and the cutting surface of the knife. See our complete range and full details here.

Tree & Co's earth friendly products are available from our Online Store and from Amazon. 

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