Tree & Co Butcher Blocks, Tables & Table Tops

Welcome to Tree & Co, suppliers of unique environmentally friendly end grain butcher blocks, cutting boards and other products made from 100% reclaimed tropical hardwood species.


Tree & Co makes a unique range of earth friendly end grain cutting boards, butcher block tables and designer furniture pieces using only tropical hardwood species that were salvaged and reclaimed from old buildings in Malaysia. Manufacturing our products only from salvaged wood gives new life to beautiful old timber while helping to preserve the world's rain forests from further depletion. Tree & Co butcher blocks are made from end-grain construction, are easy to clean and maintain and will last for generations with proper care. 

Most blocks are fully reversible and come with finger slots for easy handling. Surfaces are treated with Wood Food, a unique beeswax based polish that seals the surface and repels moisture to help prevent bacteria growth and all edges are softened. 

Tree & Co's earth friendly products are available from our Online Store and from Amazon. 

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